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Blog Posts in February, 2015

  • Because of wireless tech, is my car susceptible to hackers?

    There used to be a time when automatic locks and power windows were considered the best technology automakers could offer consumers. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, consumers have come to expect more from their vehicles. Now, many newer models come equipped with GPS devices and even ways for consumers to interface their cellphones with their vehicles. But is our expectation of ...
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  • Not all dog bites require antibiotics, research says

    Suffering a dog bite can be a traumatic event for a lot of people. That's because there are not only the physical injuries but the emotional ones as well. In many cases, victims worry about the cost of treatment and typically have concerns about whether the dog's owner should be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit. On top of these concerns, some bite victims may also have concerns about the ...
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  • 3 easy principles to avoid a wrongful death from road rage

    If you're like a lot of our Sacramento readers and have been following the news lately, then you have probably already heard about the tragic case of a Nevada woman who was killed by another driver following a road rage incident. Her story has grabbed national attention this month because it once again highlights the danger road rage puts other drivers. For those who have not heard, the ...
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  • $1.7 million grant may open doors to spinal cord injury cure

    If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury, then you also know that there is currently no cure for this injury. In more severe or complete spinal cord injuries, this means a lifetime spent in a wheelchair. For incomplete or less severe injuries, this means copious amounts of physical therapy that may or may not lead to partial recovery. As we explained in a post last month, ...
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  • Drunk driving statistics and prevention methods

    Every day, countless lives are impacted forever by the consequences of drunk driving. Not only can driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs result in serious injuries and even death for accident victims, but their families and loved ones can be confronted by a number of life-altering effects as well. To understand the true severity of DUI car accidents, it is helpful to consider a few ...
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  • Federal rules and dwindling parking spaces are hurting truckers

    Truck drivers in the United States are caught between a rock and a hard place it seems. Federal regulations require them, after a certain number of hours of service, to take mandatory rest breaks to avoid driver fatigue and a possible crash. But because of disappearing budgets in many states across the nation, many safe and legal truck stops have been shut down. This has forced truckers to find ...
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