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Blog Posts in August, 2015

  • Single-unit trucks draw scrutiny, safety proposals from NHTSA

    Many people contemplating truck accidents understandably think about the truly big rigs that ply state and national roadways. Collisions involving trucks such as colossal tractor-trailers often -- and for obvious reasons -- leave a catastrophic trail of consequences in their wake. To some degree, though, all trucks share similar characteristics that render them comparatively large risks on streets ...
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  • A cellphone in the car may be more distracting than you realize

    In today's media-saturated world, attention is becoming a rare and valuable commodity. That's why advertisers are looking for new and inventive ways to cut through the noise and get Americans to focus on whatever it is they're selling. Sadly, lack of attention is also the cause of far too many car accidents and traffic deaths. In spite of California's laws banning texting and handheld cellphone ...
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  • What impacts what new drunk driving laws states adopt?

    Drunk driving is a traffic safety issue that has massive impacts. When drivers get behind the wheel while intoxicated, they create a major auto accident risk. Drunk driving accidents can cause significant amounts of property damage, cause people to get seriously hurt and even take lives. Thus, what laws a state has in place to try to prevent and stop drunk driving matters greatly. What sorts of ...
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  • Auto Recalls in Recent American History

    An Overview You don't need to be a news-hound to give specific examples of automobile recall scandals over safety defects. One of most recent scandals concerned Takata air bags. Before that, it was the General Motors ignition switch scandal. A few years before that, it was the Toyota scandal involving "sudden, unintended acceleration." There were probably at least a dozen other safety recalls in ...
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  • Could an eye test diagnose brain injury?

    They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. A neurosurgeon says in a new study that she may also provide a way to test someone for a concussion. The neurosurgeon believes that irregularities in eye motion are a reliable sign of brain injury. She bases her findings on test performed on a group of 255 people, eight of whom had already been diagnosed with a concussion. The subjects watched ...
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  • Child brain injury: Consequences may be worse than you thought

    Most parents take for granted that their children will get hurt in the process of . . . well, being children. Scraped knees, bee stings and even broken bones are somewhat common for kids who like to be active. As parents, we can't be there to protect them 100 percent of the time. But Americans now seem to be paying attention to a type of injury that was largely overlooked for far too long: ...
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  • The first electric traffic light turns one century old

    It is hard to imagine a time when traffic was not highly regulated the way that it is today. It is almost as difficult as imagining life without the automobile and the paved roads that now crisscross the United States. But we must not forget that traffic regulation we now take for granted is only about a century old. Indeed, if you've used Google today, you may have noticed that the Google ...
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