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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Study: women recover differently than men after a concussion

    Concussions can have a significant impact on your life and your ability to maintain your current lifestyle. Recovering from a concussion can take a long time, especially if you suffered a more severe concussion. The recovery period may also be affected depending on your sex. A new study reports that women take a longer time to recover after a concussion when it comes to their memory skills. The ...
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  • How are speed limits determined across the country?

    Have you ever been driving in an area and wondered why the speed limit was the way it was? Perhaps you thought, like some, that the speed limit was too low or maybe it was too high. Either way, you may have considered the question we're going to look at today: how are speed limits determined across the country? Except for a period of time between 1973 and 1994, the responsibility of setting speed ...
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  • How a tire's speed rating may conflict with a state's speed limit

    If you've ever been on a road trip and crossed several state lines, then you've probably noticed that each state looks at speed limits a little differently. That's because rural states oftentimes don't have the traffic density found in more populated states. This is one of the many reasons why California has implemented 70 mph speed limits on only certain freeways, while maintaining the 65 mph ...
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  • Do truck drivers need to carry more insurance coverage?

    If you've ever been involved in a car accident or know someone who has, you know how expensive a trip to the hospital can get. From the ambulance ride to medical treatments, everything adds up, oftentimes totaling tens of thousands of dollars for victims and their families. If injuries suffered in the accident are more severe, bills can get even higher as treatments continue months down the road. ...
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  • How road rage can complicate your ability to seek compensation

    Have you ever been driving down the freeway and noticed that the driver behind you was driving too close? You try speeding up and slowing down but they remain too close to your bumper for comfort. If you're like most people, you would probably tap your brakes as a warning to the other driver to back off or risk an accident. But did you know that such an antagonizing gesture may actually be what ...
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  • Car breaks window washer's fall, owner sues victim for damages

    A lot of our Sacramento readers know the challenges a person faces after suffering a traumatic brain injury. The road to recovery is often tremendously difficult, especially if the damage is severe enough to affect mobility and speech. It can take months of therapy before a person is able to return to work again, oftentimes resulting in lost wages and mounting medical bills. It is often for these ...
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  • Are controls in newer vehicles meeting federal safety standards?

    Imagine for a moment that your vehicle has accidentally just stopped on a set of railroad tracks. There is a train quickly approaching. You need to move your car now. If you were under duress, would you know which way to move your shifter in order to get off the tracks safely? If you're like a lot of Americans, you probably answered yes. But what if you were sitting in a vehicle you weren't ...
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  • Rising temperatures should mean a rise in awareness of bikers too

    Californians are fortunate enough to have good biking weather year round because of our state's climate. This doesn't mean everyone chooses to bike year round. For some people, old habits die hard and when the weather turns the corner toward spring, that's when a majority of people tend to hit the pavement for a good ride on their bicycles. But as we have pointed out before on our blog and even in ...
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  • The importance of getting compensation for a brain injury

    There are a lot of people that consider the brain to be the most important organ in the human body because it not only controls important body functions, it's also responsible for our ability to talk and remember events. Although research has shown that the brain can compensate for small amounts of damage, the same is not true in all cases, especially if the damage is more severe. This can lead to ...
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  • How does duty of care factor into liability for a crash?

    If you've read a number of our posts, like some of our more frequent readers have, then you probably have a good idea of what legal actions can be taken following an accident in our state. There are subtleties though in our laws that can make all the difference when it comes to compensation in a personal injury case, which is a fact we wanted to highlight in today's post. Take for example a case ...
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