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Blog Posts in May, 2015

  • Even the injuries you can't see should be reason for concern

    Imagine that you have just been involved in some sort of an accident. If you're like most people in California and around the country, your first thoughts probably turn towards your wellbeing. You likely assess your injuries, checking to see if there are any physical signs like cuts, bruises or even pain. If you believe that you are injured, your next thoughts may turn to compensation for your ...
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  • Defective Takata airbags could lead to compensation for victims

    When someone suffers an injury or is killed because of someone else's negligence, the victim and/or their family have the right to compensation. It's a fact some of our more frequent readers know by heart. But while some only equate this sentiment to car accidents where another driver is involved, there are some here in California who recognize that negligence can extend beyond other drivers. For ...
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  • Why considering fault in an accident is important

    Whether you've crashed into another vehicle or it's a collision with a pedestrian or bicyclist, any accident can be a terrifying experience. Most people's minds race with questions like: how much is this going to cost? Will insurance be able to cover all the damage? How long will my injuries force me out of work? Am I permanently disabled? Will I need to seek legal representation to get ...
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  • Video shows why airbag timing is important

    If you've ever been involved in a car accident or know someone who has, then you know that they can happen in a matter of seconds. For many, all it takes is a fraction of a second for a person's life to change. In vehicles with airbags, it's this fraction of a second though that can mean the difference between surviving the crash and meeting your maker. This was made obvious in a video by Honda, ...
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  • Does a sneeze really constitute as a distraction?

    When you think of a distraction that can lead to a motor vehicle accident, what normally comes to mind? If you're like a lot of our Sacramento readers, you probably think of drivers using their cellphones or paying more attention to the billboard on the side of the highway than the vehicles around them. But while you might envision the most obvious distractions, there are others that can be just ...
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  • Future may include more recalls, but cars may be safer for it

    Last year's GM recall may have worried a number of people here in Sacramento as well as others across the state. That's because the recall included some 2.6 million vehicles, forcing thousands of California residents to question whether the vehicle they were driving was safe or not. But just like our Sacramento readers, the recall also worried the entire nation, including our federal government ...
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  • NHTSA pushes nationwide regulations on speed limits for big rigs

    If you've visited our blog in the last few months, you may have read our post at the end of April in which we talked about the conflict between road speed limits and the speed limits manufacturers set for tires. As we explained in the post, which can be found here for those who are new to our blog, the speed limits placed on commercial truck tires are safety guidelines that help prevent tire ...
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  • Considering other people's desires could help you avoid a crash

    Have you ever been sitting at an intersection in downtown Sacramento and had a pedestrian dart out in front of you unexpectedly? Or perhaps you have started going through an intersection only to have to slam on your breaks because someone in cross traffic was failing to yield right of way? If this has happened to you, you're not alone. This happens in cities all over California, regardless of ...
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