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Blog Posts in October, 2015

  • Time changes can pose challenges for drivers

    A lot is going on this upcoming weekend. For one, it is Halloween weekend, with Halloween coming up on Saturday. Also, this upcoming weekend signals the end of daylight savings time for this year. At 2 a.m. on Sunday, the clocks will go back an hour here in California and we will be back on standard time. Thus, it is important to not forget to set your clocks back this weekend. However, this is ...
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  • Safety regulators working to reduce fatigue among truck drivers

    Study after study continues to confirm what has been intuitively known for most of human history: Adequate sleep is very important. Lack of sleep can have both immediate and long-term negative consequences. It impairs our ability to learn, to regulate body functions and to pay attention to our surroundings. When work suffers as a result of fatigue, most people fear getting fired or disciplined. ...
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  • Driver 'has medical emergency,' dies in car accident

    The next time you are driving, take a glance in your rear-view mirror. Chances are, you will not see a car rushing up behind you way too fast to stop in time. That is the opposite of what a Sacramento motorist saw in their mirror recently. The result was a serious collision that, unfortunately, cost the lives of two people. According to KCRA-TV , a motorist was driving on Highway 99 when an SUV ...
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  • Looking at California's strict liability dog bite statute, P.2

    In our last post, we began speaking about California’s strict liability dog bite statute, particularly the elements a plaintiff must prove when pursuing a case under the law. As we pointed out, the elements which are necessary to prove under the law do not include any reference to negligence. Because the strict liability statute does not involve the issue of negligence, it does not matter whether ...
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  • Looking at California's strict liability dog bite statute, P.1

    When an individual is attacked by a dog, the first order of concern is always their safety and health. Once the medical consequences of the attack have begun to be addressed, most attack victims turn their attention to the question of compensation. In some cases, dog attacks can result in serious wounds with permanent scarring and loss of mobility or function. In such cases, seeking just ...
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  • Families of victims outraged by GM's paltry criminal settlement

    Our post earlier this week discussed a settlement between General Motors and the Department of Justice. The $900 million GM agreed to pay may seem like a lot of money, but it pales in comparison to the company's overall annual revenue. It also pales in comparison to the $49 billion bankruptcy bailout that GM received from the American taxpayers in 2009. In addition to issuing relatively small ...
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  • General Motors criminal settlement may be just a slap on the wrist

    With all of the pressing news of late, one big story has gone fairly unnoticed. In September, General Motors agreed to pay $900 million to settle criminal complaints filed by the United States Department of Justice. The charges, of course, were related to the GM ignition-switch recall scandal that was responsible for an untold number of car accidents and at least 124 deaths. To be sure, $900 ...
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  • New bill brings hit-and-run crash alerts to California roads

    If you've ever driven on a roadway in California, or elsewhere in the country, then you've probably noticed those large light-up displays that tell you things like expected freeway times or alert you to accidents ahead. We often appreciate the information provided on these signs because they inform drivers about road conditions in order to promote public safety. But these signs aren't just used to ...
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