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Blog Posts in March, 2019

  • Compensation in Multi-Vehicle Auto Accidents

    When At-Fault Insurance Is Not Enough If you are in a multiple vehicle accident , there is a chance that the person who caused it will not have enough insurance to cover everyone’s damages and injuries. When there are serious injuries to more than one victim, and insurance coverage is limited, hopefully one or more of the people involved in the accident have underinsured motorist insurance. This ...
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  • School Injuries: Intentional or Negligence

    Who Is Responsible If My Child is Hurt at School? If your child suffered an injury while under the supervision of school personnel, there are several factors that come into play regarding liability. A school-yard injury may be the result of a fall on the playground, or a fight between classmates. Your first response should be to seek medical attention for your child, discussing the incident ...
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