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Blog Posts in June, 2015

  • Who's to blame if a self-driving car crashes: human or machine?

    In today's post, we'd like to once more address the topic of self-driving cars, more specifically the one currently being tested by Google at its Mountain View, California headquarters. As some of our more frequent readers may have noticed, we've hinted previously at a very important legal issue concerning self-driving cars but have never really gone in depth into the issue. Today, we'd like to do ...
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  • Motor vehicle accidents can leave a person with PTSD

    As some of our more frequent readers already know, Tracy Morgan and fellow comedian Jimmy Mack were both involved in a truck accident nearly a year ago when the limousine they were riding in collided with a truck driven by a Walmart employee. As you may remember from either our January post or our follow-up post earlier this month, Morgan was injured in the crash while Mack was killed. For both ...
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  • Takata airbag recall expanded after defect claims another life

    It is with regret that we confirm what some of our Sacramento readers may have already heard in the news and it is that another person is reported to have lost their life because of Takata's defective airbags. The accident happened only a month before we wrote our post that talked about a pending investigation into the defect. At the time only six deaths had been linked to the product defect. Now, ...
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  • Wear a helmet when you bike, it could very well save your life

    When you were young and just learning to ride a bike, did your parents ever insist on you wearing a helmet? Chances are pretty good they did and they had some very good reasons why they insisted on what you might have called an "uncool" accessory. That's because studies have shown for decades that helmets can greatly reduce the likelihood of suffering a serious or fatal head injury in the event of ...
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  • Does Sacramento have a breed-specific ban on certain dogs?

    If you're like us and follow dog bite stories in the news, you may have also noticed that most attacks are caused by breeds notorious for being more aggressive than others. The more attacks that are reported involving these breeds, the more people begin to fear them until eventually people start asking if lawmakers should step in and protect the public. This is typically what causes breed-specific ...
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  • The difference between roundabouts and traffic circles

    We'd like to start today's post with a linguistic exercise you may have already seen before on the Internet: what do you call the circular intersection of several streets? Depending on where you live in the United States, you may have said anything from turnabout to roundabout, rotary to traffic circle. But while some chalk this up to regional dialects, we wanted to point out today that at least ...
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  • Schools in Modesto to use helmet sensors to prevent concussions

    If you're a long-time follower of our blog, then you know that the subject of brain injuries comes up from time to time. From conversations about the life-long effects a brain injury can have on a person to the importance of getting compensation from a negligent party, our readers can see that strikes to the head can happen at any time and may not be easy to prevent. But as we explained in a ...
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  • Walmart finally reaches settlement with Morgan for crash

    Long-time followers of our blog know that we regularly like to touch on news stories regarding serious motor vehicle accidents. Whether an accident occurs here in California or across the nation in another state, we like to draw attention to these cases because we think it's important for all of our readers to recognize what elements of a crash can lead to compensation and when obtaining a lawyer ...
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