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Blog Posts in July, 2015

  • Regulators place emphasis on properly working truck brakes

    Some of the hazards drivers face are unpredictable and unpreventable. But the vast majority of traffic hazards can be predicted and prevented. Brakes are a good example. All motor vehicles rely on properly working brakes, especially large commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers. Yet, a random inspection on any highway in the U.S. might reveal a large semi with improperly working breaks. This ...
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  • Preventing serious and fatal car accidents at railroad crossings

    Rail traffic is not considered a popular mode of transportation in the United States - at least not compared to its popularity in Europe. This is beginning to change as cities in California and around the country build light-rail transit systems to cut down on urban traffic congestion. Still, regular train routes are put to good use, primarily as a means of transporting freight around the country. ...
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  • Volvo makes the baby seat the focus of an entire car

    It's no secret that automobiles have been getting safer for decades. In addition to adding features to give drivers more control and to ultimately reduce the risk of car accidents, many safety features are also meant to make car accidents less fatal and injurious. And in the past 10 years, car travel has become especially safe for one very fragile group of vehicle occupants: young children. ...
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  • Despite education efforts, CA drivers continue to text and drive

    California law bans texting while driving and use of handheld devices while driving, and significant education and enforcement efforts are ongoing to reduce the number of distracted-driving crashes throughout the state. Still, a new study shows a 39-percent increase in California drivers using their cell phones while behind the wheel over the last year. Why? State officials point to a number of ...
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  • Decommissioned 'see-through' truck raises interesting points

    Does a "see-through" truck sound a little too much like science fiction to you? It seems like it would be a truly invisible vehicle that may confuse and confound other drivers. But, to the contrary, invisibility has nothing to do with this "see-through" truck. Instead, it's just a clever use of video cameras and televisions that allow other drivers to see what the truck sees. And it no longer ...
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  • Elderly woman killed in unprovoked pit-bull attack

    Although dog attacks can leave victims with serious and permanent injuries, most otherwise-healthy adults are likely to survive an attack. But when vicious dogs or other animals maul children or the elderly, the attacks can be, and often are, fatal. California has among the highest annual rate of dog bites, as measured by homeowner insurance claims. But vicious dogs can be found anywhere, and ...
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  • Car company hopes bulk data will improve bicyclist safety

    With so many automakers facing scandals over safety defects, bad press seems to be the norm for this industry (just look at our post from last week about the Takata air bag recall). Even in good times, most companies are content to simply design and release new vehicles that are slight improvements over what's already on the market. For these reasons and more, a new project recently announced by ...
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  • Animal-bite cases often require battle with insurance company

    When you hear news stories about animal bites and attacks, it is natural to assume that the aggressive animal was a dog. Cases of dog attacks and bites are unfortunately common here in California and around the country. Sometimes, however, the animal is not a dog, a cat or any other common pet. For this and other reasons, a news headline containing the phrase "brutal donkey attack" really caught ...
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  • Fatal crash in a rental car linked to Takata air bag recall

    At this point, it has become clear to many Americans that the regulation of automobile safety in the United States is abysmal. Specifically, injurious and fatal car accidents related to manufacturing and design defects continue to occur and seem to be getting worse. Agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have a very difficult time even investigating allegations of vehicle ...
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