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Decommissioned 'see-through' truck raises interesting points

Does a "see-through" truck sound a little too much like science fiction to you? It seems like it would be a truly invisible vehicle that may confuse and confound other drivers. But, to the contrary, invisibility has nothing to do with this "see-through" truck. Instead, it's just a clever use of video cameras and televisions that allow other drivers to see what the truck sees.

And it no longer exists.

Allow us to explain. Recently, Samsung constructed this "see-through" truck with little more than a video camera mounted on the front of the vehicle and four televisions mounted on the back of the vehicle. The video camera captured what was going on ahead of the truck, and then the four televisions on the back of the truck broadcast the images captured by the camera in real time.

As a result, drivers in vehicles behind the truck could "see through" the truck, making it easier and safer to pass a truck on a two-lane road. The truck has since been decommissioned though, and it is unknown if the project will be resurrected in the future.

Though an interesting idea, one has to wonder how it would translate to the real world. Would drivers be more distracted by the televisions than aided by them? What about the way the information on the TVs are perceived? Could drivers actually be thrown off by the video, thinking they have more time than they actually do?

We may never know the answers to these questions, but the idea certainly raises interesting points about distracted driving and road safety.

Source: CBS News, "Could Samsung's 'see-through' safety semi-truck prevent accidents?," Amanda Schupak, June 23, 2015

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