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Blog Posts in January, 2015

  • 4 reasons trucks can cause accidents

    Here in the United States, commercial vehicles such as large trucks and semis are a huge part of our economy because they are one of the few ways to get goods from one part of the nation to another. Unfortunately, commercial vehicles account for a large number of crashes each year as well, which makes them both beneficial and dangerous all at the same time. In many states across the nation, ...
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  • Multitasking and driving: why it's a bad idea

    Most people know how dangerous it is to use their cellphone while driving thanks to national campaigns highlighting the risk of accidents and the push in many legislatures to curb this reckless behavior. Some of our more frequent readers have even seen the most recent crash statistics that illustrate just how dangerous cellphone use behind the wheel is. But even though we know about the risks and ...
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  • What can schools do to reduce brain injuries in sports?

    Whitney Houston said it best when she sang, in 1985, "I believe the children are our future." It's as true then as it is now. But while Ms. Houston was likely referring to guiding children towards success, her message is still applicable when we think about finding ways of reducing their risk of suffering long-lasting injuries, such as brain injuries, as well. Take for example sports-related ...
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  • Walmart settles first lawsuit following deadly summer crash

    As our more frequent readers know, establishing liability is perhaps the most important piece of information necessary when it comes to receiving compensation from a personal injury claim. Establishing liability also holds the guilty party responsible for their actions, which oftentimes brings victims and their families a sense of closure. It's perhaps because of this fact that so many people ...
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  • Technology helps those with spinal cord injuries walk

    For most people who are told that they have suffered a spinal cord injury, the first thought that typically goes through their head is: will I be able to walk again? The prognosis has always been relatively grim for people who have suffered a complete injury to their middle or lower back. For them, paraplegia means losing the ability to move their legs and therefore their ability to walk. This can ...
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  • Do you need more rest after a concussion? Study says no

    If you've ever suffered a concussion or know someone who has, then you know that this type of injury is no laughing matter. Even mild concussions can cause disorientation, nausea, dizziness, and memory disruptions. More severe blows to the head can result in even more severe symptoms and can have a lasting effect on a person throughout their life. Frequent readers of our blog are no strangers to ...
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  • 5 common causes of bicycle accidents in California

    Concerns about climate change and years of high gas prices forced a lot of people across the nation, including here in California, to consider other forms of transportation such as bicycling. Although bicycling has always been popular here in our state because of our year-round good weather, there is no denying that the number of bicyclists has grown in the last few years. Although many larger ...
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  • How can a truck be unsafe in one state and safe in another?

    Commercial vehicles. They're a sight we see just about every day on America's highways but probably pay little attention to unless we are trying to safely navigate around them. But for law enforcement, it's a different story. Paying full attention to these vehicles is vital because an accident involving one of them can be devastating. When we say "paying attention" to these vehicles, we aren't ...
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