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Walmart settles first lawsuit following deadly summer crash

As our more frequent readers know, establishing liability is perhaps the most important piece of information necessary when it comes to receiving compensation from a personal injury claim. Establishing liability also holds the guilty party responsible for their actions, which oftentimes brings victims and their families a sense of closure.

It's perhaps because of this fact that so many people across the nation have been waiting with bated breath for Walmart to take responsibility for the actions of one of its truck drivers who caused a fatal crash on June 7, 2014.

As so many of our California readers may remember hearing on the news, the Walmart truck driver who was responsible for the collision was accused of speeding and driving while fatigued, two reckless decisions that ultimately ended in the devastating collision with a limousine carrying several comedians, including Tracy Morgan. All of the comedians in the limousine suffered injuries in the crash while one, a man by the name of James McNair, was killed.

Because initial reports indicated that the truck driver had not slept in 24 hours prior to the accident, many people speculated whether Walmart knew about the man's fatigued state and allowed him to drive anyway. Some even considered that the company had somehow forced him into such a dangerous situation. If either of these were the case, then the company was just as liable for damages as the truck driver.

Although Walmart continues to insist "no wrongdoing" in the crash, the recent wrongful death settlement with McNair's family may suggest that Walmart is accepting some liability in the crash after all. The settlement, the amount of which cannot be reported because of a confidentiality agreement signed by both parties, will provide compensation to McNair's surviving family, which will likely cover lost wages as well as burial costs -- a typical outcome for most personal injury caseslike this.

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