Our Team's Most Recent Wins!

Eliot Reiner's impressive case results are not the only thing that makes him such a prestigious member of the community. His attention to detail and his passion for helping people in need has paved the way for him to be a trusted legal ally and advocate. Contact the firm today and get started with attorney Reiner's firm!
    • Truck-Bus Collision $34,900,000.00

      Truck-bus collision $34.9 million ($31.9 million for injuries to one individual, $3 million to another for loss of consortium) - the largest personal injury award ever in Sacramento County

    • Car vs Bicycle Accident $1,500,000.00

      Car vs Bicycle accident Neck injury requiring surgery and post-concussive complaints $1,500,000- All of the available coverage

    • Car vs Bicycle Accident $1,500,000.00

      Car vs Bicycle accident Right lower leg injury $1,500,000 ($14,000 pre-litigation offer)

    • Car vs Bicycle accident $1,500,000.00
    • Head Injury $1,150,000.00

      Head injury with broken hip.

    • Car vs Van Accident $750,000.00

      Car vs Van accident Orthopedic injuries requiring surgery $750,000

    • Concussion Injury $700,000.00

      Concussion injury suffered by a young man who fell from a rotted structure. (There was $400,000 in insurance. $300,000 in personal assets were paid by the Defendants, for a total $700,000 paid to my client.)

    • Premises Liability $700,000.00

      Premises Liability Backyard fall causing a concussion. $700,000.($75,000 for his brother, who witnessed the incident.)

    • Car Accident $455,000.00

      Car accident Shoulder surgery $455,000

    • Motor Vehicle Accident $445,000.00

      Motor vehicle accident Neck and shoulder complaints and surgeries. Followed one prior shoulder surgery and 3 prior neck surgeries. Primary issue concerned medical causation. $445,000

    • Neck & Shoulder Flare-up Caused by Vehicle Accident $445,000.00

      Client with long prior history of neck and shoulder surgeries experienced flare-up after vehicle accident, resulting in more procedures.

    • Broken ankle $425,000.00

      Broken ankle at a golf course case. Client stepped into a concealed hole at a golf course and broke her ankle

    • Loss of Consortium $400,000.00

      Loss of Consortium Spouse injured in vehicle accident $400,000

    • Loss of Consortium $350,000.00
    • Car Accident $300,000.00

      Car accident Various complaints of injury to several people $300,000

    • Car Accident $250,000.00

      Car accident Neck complaints requiring injections $250,000- All of the available coverage

    • Back Injury $250,000.00

      Back injury with several radio frequency neurotomies.

    • Premises Liability $250,000.00

      $250,000 vs Homeowner. Incident in which a young woman fell over a small iron fence and was injured as a result.

    • Car Accident $200,000.00

      Car accident Back complaints requiring injections, micro-discectomy $200,000- All of the available coverage

    • Car Accident $165,000.00

      $165,000 vs Drivers of 2 vehicles. Car accident causing loss of consciousness and neck injury with little treatment post-accident.

    • Concussion, soft tissue injury $150,000.00
    • Dog bite $150,000.00

      $150,000 vs Dog owner.

    • Concussion case $100,000.00
    • Injury After Vehicle Accident $100,000.00

      Client with neck and back symptoms after vehicle accident. Pre-existing, long-standing heart murmur later required surgery.

    • Knee Injury $100,000.00

      $100,000. Recovered the third party and UIM limits in a knee injury, concussion case.

    • Mva vs Pedestrian- Broken leg $100,000.00
    • Single Car Accident $100,000.00

      Single car accident Abdominal injury $100,000- All of the available coverage

    • Uninsured Motorist $100,000.00

      Uninsured Motorist (UM) Arbitration award. $100,000 limits. An insurance carrier denied liability in a case where their insured, the driver of a motor scooter, said that a motorist changed lanes, clipped the front tire of his scooter, caused him to crash and fled the scene. Two independent witnesses reported different facts to the investigating officer, though their versions were in conflict. Arbitration was required to discredit the witnesses and to show that the accident reconstruction expert hired by the insurance carrier lacked credibility. The arbitrator found liability in favor of the scooter driver and the carrier has tendered the $100,000 policy limits.

    • Vehicle accident $100,000.00

      Vehicle accident 9 different vehicle accident cases involving soft tissue injuries resolved for $100,000 each. (In 7, the liability limits were $100,000. 4 have now become under-insured motorist (UIM) cases.)

    • Concussive Symptoms Caused by Vehicle Accident $100,000.00

      $100,000. So far. Client with post concussive symptoms following vehicle accident. Now, we will seek additional $150,000 in UIM coverage.

    • Car accident $100,000.00
    • Car Accident $100,000.00

      Car accident Post-concussive complaints $100,000- All of the available coverage

    • Car Accident $100,000.00

      Car accident Difficult liability Arm injury requiring surgery $100,000- All of the available coverage

    • Binding arbitration $100,000.00
    • Neck injury $100,000.00
    • Soft tissue $85,000.00
    • Car Accident $80,000.00

      Car accident Shoulder surgery $80,000- ($30,000 more than available coverage)

    • Vehicle Accident $60,000.00

      Vehicle accident case involving soft tissue injuries and a large prior history $60,000.

    • Vehicle Accident $50,000.00

      Vehicle accident 4 different vehicle accident cases resolved for $50,000 each. (In all of these $50,000 was the available coverage.)

    • Soft tissue $42,500.00
    • C case $30,000.00
    • Concussion $25,000.00
    • Vehicle Accident $25,000.00

      Vehicle accident 2 different vehicle accident cases resolved for $25,000 each, which was the available coverage.

    • Neck injury $25,000.00
    • Soft tissue $7,500.00