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Because of wireless tech, is my car susceptible to hackers?

There used to be a time when automatic locks and power windows were considered the best technology automakers could offer consumers. Now, thanks to advancements in technology, consumers have come to expect more from their vehicles. Now, many newer models come equipped with GPS devices and even ways for consumers to interface their cellphones with their vehicles. But is our expectation of technology being undermined by a lack of protection from malicious cyber attacks?

This question, as some of our California readers may not know, was considered by a Massachusetts senator who had concerns about the possibility of hackers accessing personal information stored within our vehicle's computer systems. He also had concerns about whether it would be possible for hackers to take control of a vehicle thanks to wireless tech as well.

After analyzing data provided by 16 automakers, the answer was not only yes, but their responses showed that there was a "clear lack of appropriate security measures to protect drivers against hackers," especially in newer models where wireless features oftentimes come standard.

For some of our readers, knowing that certain vehicles could crash because of a hacker's malicious intervention raises an important question about liability. Should an accident victim try to hold the hacker accountable or is it the automaker liable because they failed to implement proper cyber security measures?

If you are wondering the same question, then you're not alone. The concern now is will automakers address it before it become a problem or will it be left to skilled personal injury attorneys to answer?

Source: The Associated Press, "Report: Automakers fail to fully protect against hacking," Joan Lowy, Feb. 8, 2015

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