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3 easy principles to avoid a wrongful death from road rage

If you're like a lot of our Sacramento readers and have been following the news lately, then you have probably already heard about the tragic case of a Nevada woman who was killed by another driver following a road rage incident. Her story has grabbed national attention this month because it once again highlights the danger road rage puts other drivers.

For those who have not heard, the 44-year-old woman is said to have been teaching her daughter to drive just prior to the incident of road rage. After returning home from a search for the angry driver, the woman was shot and killed by the suspect who is said to have followed her home.

Although the hope is that the guilty person is found and held accountable for this woman's wrongful death, some experts say that others can learn from this tragedy, especially what not to do in instances of road rage. According to pamphlet provided by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, there are three easy principles that drivers here in California should consider in order to avoid instances such as the one seen in Nevada.

The first is to avoid offending other drivers. AAA explains that some common behaviors, such as tailgating or driving too slowly in passing lanes, are frequently cited by drivers as reasons for road rage. Drivers should also avoid using obscene gestures against other drivers as these could also set someone off.

The second guiding principle is to not engage the angry driver. As many experts will agree, following an angry driver or engaging in a verbal or physical altercation after vehicles have stopped are both bad ideas because it can escalate the situation. Some professionals say that even pulling out your cellphone to record the road rage incident could make things worse.

The final principle is to change your approach to driving as well as your attitude.Consider for a moment why the other driver might be driving the way they are and how your own driving behaviors might play a part in an incident.

By considering these principles, you too may be able to avoid a dangerous road rage incident that could leave you injured or killed. If the situation is not avoidable though, please remember that you and your loved ones can seek legal representation and may be able to seek compensation from the guilty driver in the end.

Source: CNN, "Las Vegas road rage case: Victim went back to find suspect, police say," Steve Almasy, Feb. 18, 2015

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