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Common Mistakes You Can Make After a Car Accident

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, you understand how emotionally overwhelming the situation can be. When you are in panic mode and your adrenaline is pumping through your veins, it can be difficult to think rationally and do everything necessary to properly handle the accident, such as securing evidence for your claim. When you make a mistake in the aftermath of the accident, it can cost you money when you attempt to obtain financial compensation.

The following are the most common mistakes a person can make after a car accident:

  • Say “sorry” after the accident - Apologizing to the other party involved in the accident can be interpreted as an admission of fault. Additionally, comments such as “I’m okay” after an accident, even though you suffered an injury, can make it appear like your injuries are not serious enough to warrant financial compensation.
  • Not document the scene - Many people typically forget to take pictures of the damage their vehicle sustained, write down the other driver’s information, or gather statements from witnesses at the scene. Without any strong evidence to support your case, your injury claim can be compromised.
  • Delay seeking medical treatment - In many occasions, accident victims do not notice their injuries until hours or even days later. If you wait to receive medical treatment for your injuries, then they would probably be viewed as not being serious enough to collect on your injury claim.
  • Accept the first settlement offer from the insurance company - Remember, you are not required to accept the initial settlement offer that the insurance company provides. The truth is that many insurance companies will offer the lowest amount first. Once you settle your claim, there is no way you can obtain more money if they are not enough to treat your injuries or if future health issues arise.

In order to avoid making such mistakes immediately after the accident or through the course of your personal injury case, seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury attorney.

For more information, contact our Sacramento personal injury attorney at Eliot Reiner APLC today.

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