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Should I Say "Sorry" after an Accident?

Two vehicles collide in an intersection after a truck driver runs a red light. The motorist who was following the law gets out of their vehicle and says that they are sorry to the trucker. Even though the driver who ran the red light may be 100% at fault for the car accident, the act of apologizing may end up hurting or lengthening the other driver’s injury case.

How Can Saying “I’m Sorry” Affect a Personal Injury Claim?

Whether said out of sympathy, compassion, or empathy, the act of apologizing could be seen as an admission of guilt. While your meaning or reasoning for apologizing may have been different, the opposing counsel or insurance company can argue that you are apologizing for causing an accident. When it comes to protecting your injury claim, maximizing the strength of your case includes minimizing the information you give to the other party.

It can be difficult to tell how the facts of a case will play out and victims should avoid discussing the details of the accident with the other involved parties. This also holds true for the entirety of the claims process and while talking to either the police or the insurance company. While it is true that you will need to contact both following an accident, try to avoid saying any more than is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, do not post on social media about your accident. Publically available information may also be used as evidence against your claim.

In fact, your attorney should be one of the only (if not the only) people with whom you should freely discuss your case. Your attorney is your trusted legal advisor and can provide the most effective service when you are both on the same page. If you’re not sure what you should say or do at any point of the claims process, ask your attorney.

Get Help from a Former Insurance Defense Attorney

From what to say to an insurance adjuster to how to deal with the at-fault party, if you need legal advice after an accident, do not hesitate to contact Eliot Reiner, APLC. Our Sacramento injury attorney possesses more than 25 years of legal experience and has spent time as an insurance defense attorney. He can bring this knowledge to your corner, helping you to navigate through each phase of the claims process.

Do you have questions about your claim? Call (916) 778-3228 or request an initial consultation online and speak to a qualified attorney today.

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