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Common Winter Driving Hazards

The winter season is associated with freezing temperatures and inclement weather, which can create hazardous driving conditions. Drivers need to be aware of all the potential driving dangers winter has to offer, be patient when on the road, and practice good driving habits to avoid being involved in a car accident

The following are several common driving hazards during the cold winter months: 

  • Slick roads – When the road is wet due to the rain or melted snow and the surface temperature falls below freezing, it can be covered with ice. In fact, black ice is one of the most dangerous winter driving dangers because this type of ice is undetectable and camouflages with the road. If you hit a patch of black ice, you may lose control of your vehicle. To avoid sliding off the road or into another vehicle, remain calm, reduce your speed, don’t hit your brakes too hard, and steer smoothly. 

  • Poor visibility – From falling rain and snow to fog and muggy weather, it can be incredibly difficult to see where you are going when driving through such conditions. In addition, passing vehicles may kick up dirt or snow onto your windshield and condensation on the inside of your windshield can also impede your vision. Ensure your headlight lenses are clean, your defroster and heater are in working order, and drive slowly. 

  • Freezing temperatures – If your vehicle is not properly maintained, extremely cold weather can lead to a wide range of part malfunctions. Common malfunctions include battery failure, low tire tread and pressure, and engine issues. Ensure you get your vehicle service before the cold winter months, change your oil, replace your antifreeze, and ensure all your systems are working properly. 

Before you hit the road during the winter season, always check the weather and give yourself enough time to reach your destination. Keep your gas tank full to avoid being stranded. Keep your windows and windshield clear. Lastly, be more observant and more of a defensive driver. 

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