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Future may include more recalls, but cars may be safer for it

Last year's GM recall may have worried a number of people here in Sacramento as well as others across the state. That's because the recall included some 2.6 million vehicles, forcing thousands of California residents to question whether the vehicle they were driving was safe or not. But just like our Sacramento readers, the recall also worried the entire nation, including our federal government who sought action to prevent future incidences of this magnitude.

One response to the problem was President Obama's proposal to increase funding for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration over the next six years. The increase would allow the NHTSA to scrutinize current safety policies and to make the changes necessary to make vehicles safer for consumers across the nation. While this could lead to an increase in recalls down the road, which could concern some consumers, there are some people who believe that stricter safety regulations could also lead to stricter liability laws that would hold manufactures more accountable for defects.

As our more frequent readers know, there are some crashes in which it may be necessary to hold a manufacturer liable for its negligence. Cases involving defective automotive parts or flawed vehicle designs are just two examples that could lead to litigation and compensation for victims. These cases can be challenging though because they deal with extensive tort laws that most people do not understand completely.

It's important to point out though that a good personal injury firm, such as the Eliot Reiner Professional Law Corp., will stay up-to-date on any regulatory changes that could affect a personal injury claim against a manufacturer within the automotive industry. Because of their knowledge of the law and their concern for your well being, you can rest assured that you are getting the help you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Source: The Claims Journal, "Number of Future Auto Recalls Expected to Rise," May 4, 2015

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