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Defective Takata airbags could lead to compensation for victims

When someone suffers an injury or is killed because of someone else's negligence, the victim and/or their family have the right to compensation. It's a fact some of our more frequent readers know by heart. But while some only equate this sentiment to car accidents where another driver is involved, there are some here in California who recognize that negligence can extend beyond other drivers.

For those who read our September post on defective airbags, you know that automakers and manufacturers of automotive parts can be considered negligent when they design vehicles or install vehicle parts that are dangerous. By putting consumers at risk of injury or death, manufacturers open themselves up to liability, making them responsible for compensating victims and their families in civil litigation.

The reason we're bringing up the subject of defective airbags again this month is because of an announcement made by a congressional subcommittee that plans on looking into the issues with Takata's airbags starting next month. Depending on its findings, those here in California who suffered injury because of the defective airbags may decide to take legal action against Takata later on.

At present time, the defect has caused injuries in more than 100 people and is responsible for the deaths of at least six people, which means the company could face a plethora of lawsuits in the months to come.

Your right to an attorney and compensation

Even if the congressional subcommittee's findings support claims for compensation, victims and their families are still encouraged to obtain the services of a personal injury attorney. As our more frequent readers here in Sacramento know, civil litigation can be a daunting process that can be confusing to anyone who does not have particular knowledge in the law. With the help of a lawyer though, plaintiffs can rest assured that they are filing a claim for compensation properly and that they are being represented by someone who will fight for fair and just compensation no matter what.

Source: The Detroit Free Press, "Panel to hold hearing on deadly Takata air bag ruptures," Todd Spangler, May 26, 2015

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