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  • Tips to Prevent Swimming Pool Accidents

    Summer is in full swing, which means friends and families will be flocking to swimming pools to cool down and enjoy a day of fun. As you enjoy this favored season, it is important to keep certain safety precautions in mind to avoid a preventable disaster. Drowning accidents are a major problem in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accounting for ...
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  • Daycare Injuries

    Thousands of parents rely on daycare centers to take care of their children, relinquishing temporary custody of their kids to the daycare center employees. Although most children in daycare centers do not experience any sort of harm, there are instances where an injury occurs due to negligence. The elements of a daycare personal injury claim include: The daycare center had a duty of care to ...
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  • Let's Prevent Injuries & Deaths during National Safety Month 2017

    Most people who die because of preventable injuries are typically in the prime of their lives – succeeding in their careers, raising families, and having active lifestyles. Since June is National Safety Month, it is our chance to help prevent these unnecessary injuries and fatalities on the job, on the roads, in our homes and communities. The theme for this year is “Keep Each Other Safe.” The ...
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  • Are Spinal Cord Injuries Permanent?

    A spinal cord injury involves damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots. Common causes of spinal cord injury include car accidents , falls , violent acts, and non-traumatic disorders. This type of injury temporarily or permanently stops or alters the brain’s ability to communicate with other body parts. Common types of spinal cord injury include contusion (bruising of the spinal cord), compression ...
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  • Federal Trucking Regulations

    Since 1939, the federal government has attempted to oversee and manage the interstate trucking industry in order to make sure operating commercial vehicles and trucks are done in the safest manner possible. Because of this purpose, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set forth various regulations and requirements which all trucking companies and drivers need to follow. The ...
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  • 5 Tips to Help Motorcyclists Avoid Accidents

    If you are a motorcyclist, one of the best ways you can help protect yourself on the road is to be aware of the dangers and risks associated with riding your motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents often result in catastrophic and fatal injuries due to the limited protection motorcyclists have compared to drivers of motor vehicles. In 2015, 4,976 people died in collisions involving motorcycles, which is ...
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  • Who Can File a California Wrongful Death Claim?

    A wrongful death claim arises when one individual dies as the result of the wrongful, reckless, or negligent act of another person or entity. It is considered a civil lawsuit that is brought to court directly by the surviving members of the deceased individual or by the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate. The following are the individuals eligible to file a wrongful death ...
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  • Air Bags & Seat Belts: What Saves Your Life Can Still Hurt You

    We’ve all seen the commercials. Cars with crash-test dummies smashing into solid walls in slow motion, showing the air bags as they stop the crash-test dummy from smashing into the dashboard. Those videos are intended to show us how air bags and seat belts save lives – and they do! – but what they don’t show are the bruises and the lasting neck and back pain that the car accident victim still ...
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  • How to Be a Defensive Driver

    Distracted driving and aggressive driving are the two main causes of car accidents . The best way to counteract these drivers on the road is to increase the number of defensive drivers – drivers who are aware and prepared for anything. “Defensive driving” simply refers to driving in a way that gives the person the best possible chance of preventing and avoiding collisions. There are many defensive ...
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  • Tips to Prevent "Dooring" Bicycle Accidents

    Some say that Sacramento is a bike-friendly city. Others argue that this statement is far from true. Whatever the case may be, cyclists in any city run the risk of being “doored” by a negligent driver when the driver exits their car without checking for oncoming traffic. Read on to learn what this means, how to avoid and prevent these bicycle accidents , and what to do if you were “doored” in ...
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  • Is Texting & Driving Illegal in California?

    Texting and driving is universally understood to be dangerous. Some states have outlawed texting while driving, while others have not. California is one of the former, having outlawed texting and driving in 2009. But the law has tightened even further regarding cell phones and driving with the implementation of another law on January 1, 2017 – a law against using a handheld wireless device in any ...
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  • Car Accidents Caused by Marijuana Use

    California voters decided in November 2016 to decriminalize recreational marijuana in small amounts. The drug crime reform sparked controversy and strong arguments from both sides. One of the primary concerns from opponents of the legalization of marijuana was the higher potential for car accidents caused by drivers who had recently smoked marijuana. It is still illegal for a driver to operate a ...
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  • Recent Motorcycle Accident Statistics in California

    There are hundreds of thousands of motorcycles registered in California, giving the state the largest capita of riders in the nation. Due to this vast volume of motorcycle owners and riders, it is no surprise to find that California is often the top state in the country for the largest amount of motorcycle accidents in a given year. According to 2013 statistics – the most recent year with ...
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  • Should I Say "Sorry" after an Accident?

    Two vehicles collide in an intersection after a truck driver runs a red light. The motorist who was following the law gets out of their vehicle and says that they are sorry to the trucker. Even though the driver who ran the red light may be 100% at fault for the car accident , the act of apologizing may end up hurting or lengthening the other driver’s injury case. How Can Saying “I’m Sorry” Affect ...
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  • What Are Common Causes of Car Accidents?

    Driving can be dangerous. While you may practice good driving habits, there is no guarantee that the other drivers on the road will be doing the same. In fact, there are numerous factors which are often beyond your control that may lead to a car accident. Below, our blog outlines several of the common causes of car accidents as well as what you should do if you are involved in a wreck. Distracted ...
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