Advantages To Hiring Me

My name is Eliot Reiner, and I help injured people find justice. When you hire me to represent you, you have six significant advantages:

  1. I Get Results Cases that some attorneys would settle quickly for a lower amount, I work until you receive maximum compensation for all your losses, present and future. Some of our results have set records. View Some of My Firm's Recent Results

  2. I'm Ready To Fight For You My job involves fighting with insurance companies and their lawyers. I am ready to fight! I am a persistent, well-prepared lawyer who will fight for you to make insurance companies pay as much as possible so that you get what you deserve.

  3. I Have Experience That Counts I have been an attorney for 24 years. For the 1st 7 years, I represented insurance companies and defended insured people who caused accidents and injuries. For the last 17 years, I have only represented personal injury victims. I have worked with and for the best lawyers in the state. My years as a defense attorney have made me a much better lawyer to help make sure that my clients are treated fairly and compensated justly for their injuries.

  4. I Pay Attention to the Details Success in personal injury cases comes from paying attention to the little things. I prepare my clients’ cases from the ground up. I won’t spare any expense to help you get the result you deserve. From the minute we get started, its my job to understand your injuries and treatment.

  5. I Take My Time and You Benefit from That Many attorneys are in a hurry to settle your case for a fraction of its value so they can get money in their pocket fast. They want to resolve it quickly, often without knowing what your injuries are, what treatment you will require in the future, for how long you will need it, and what it will cost . I don’t practice law like that and I won’t! Often, things take time to develop. I take my time so that you get the kind of attention and result that is appropriate for your injury.

  6. I Won’t Get Paid More Than You Lawyers often settle a case and get paid attorneys fees that are more than the injured person’s net recovery in their pocket. I want to get paid for what I do, but I will not allow a client to receive less than what I get paid.