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Nothing is as frightening as seeing an oversized truck barreling down on you in your rear-view mirror. Accidents caused by large trucks are notorious for their violence. Truck accidents are much more likely to cause fatalities than car-on-car crashes. Especially tragic is how preventable these commercial truck accidents are. Truck companies are sending out trucks that are poorly maintained, with safety features disconnected and drivers that may be under-trained, tired, distracted, and unlicensed. Keeping to their schedule and making a buck is more important to some truck drivers than your family's safety. That has to stop, and hitting trucking companies hard when they harm the public is one way to fight back.

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At Eliot Reiner APLC, our Sacramento personal injury lawyer offers the award-winning, proven advocacy that you need and deserve to have on your side. Many other lawyers will boast of their no recovery, no fee operation, but the reality is that everyone has to operate this way by law. Our guarantee to you is that unlike other firms, we will never make more than you do off of your personal injury or wrongful death claim. Find out more about our honest and affordable service today.

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We Take on Accident Claims That Include Every Kind of Truck ...

  • Semitrailers and 18-wheelers
  • Over-the-road trucks
  • Oversized loads
  • Flatbeds
  • Garbage trucks
  • Cement mixers
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Parcel delivery trucks
  • Commercial vans and pickups

...And Every Kind of Crash Cause

  • Badly loaded freight
  • Unbalanced loads
  • Brake and steering failure
  • Overweight trailers
  • Oversized truck load
  • Hazardous materials
  • Decoupling
  • Jackknifed trailers
  • Unsafe equipment

Filing a suit against a trucking company requires investigative work, locating the owner of vehicle and the owner of the trailer being hauled. Eliot Reiner is known for visiting the scene of the accident to arrive at a complete understanding. He examines black boxes and trucking company logs before the information in them changes. He has won maximum compensation for many whose lives have been ruined by negligent operators.

Start Asserting Your Legal Rights Today

At Eliot Reiner, APLC, we seek payment for truck accident victims to pay for their medical treatment and rehabilitation, lost pay and job retraining, plus compensation for the physical and emotional pain that the injury has caused. When behavior is egregiously bad, as with drunk driving, we seek additional punitive damages to send a message to careless companies.

If you are injured or disabled following a truck accident caused by someone else's negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. Our personal injury attorney works with injured individuals and surviving family members throughout Sacramento and beyond.

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Our Recent Wins

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  • $35 Million Truck-Bus Collision
  • $2 Million Car vs Bicycle Accident
  • $2 Million Car vs Bicycle Accident
  • $2 Million Car vs Bicycle accident
  • $1 Million Head Injury
  • $750 Thousand Car vs Van Accident
  • $700 Thousand Concussion Injury
  • $700 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $455 Thousand Car Accident
  • $445 Thousand Motor Vehicle Accident
  • $445 Thousand Neck & Shoulder Flare-up Caused by Vehicle Accident
  • $425 Thousand Broken ankle
  • $400 Thousand Loss of Consortium
  • $350 Thousand Loss of Consortium
  • $300 Thousand Car Accident
  • $250 Thousand Car Accident
  • $250 Thousand Back Injury
  • $250 Thousand Premises Liability
  • $200 Thousand Car Accident
  • $165 Thousand Car Accident
  • $150 Thousand Concussion, soft tissue injury
  • $150 Thousand Dog bite
  • $100 Thousand Concussion case
  • $100 Thousand Injury After Vehicle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Knee Injury
  • $100 Thousand Mva vs Pedestrian- Broken leg
  • $100 Thousand Single Car Accident
  • $100 Thousand Uninsured Motorist
  • $100 Thousand Vehicle accident
  • $100 Thousand Concussive Symptoms Caused by Vehicle Accident
  • $100 Thousand Car accident
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident
  • $100 Thousand Car Accident
  • $100 Thousand Binding arbitration
  • $100 Thousand Neck injury
  • $85 Thousand Soft tissue
  • $80 Thousand Car Accident
  • $60 Thousand Vehicle Accident
  • $50 Thousand Vehicle Accident
  • $43 Thousand Soft tissue
  • $30 Thousand C case
  • $25 Thousand Concussion
  • $25 Thousand Vehicle Accident
  • $25 Thousand Neck injury
  • $8 Thousand Soft tissue