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How Can Truck Accidents Be Avoided?


Commercial trucks can be seen on every major highway as well as in neighborhoods and small towns. They are an important part of the economy, so chances are if you are driving, you will encounter a commercial truck often. As these vehicles weigh much more than cars, when involved in an accident, they can cause significant damages and catastrophic injuries. So, how do you avoid commercial truck accidents and what can you do to keep yourself safe on the road? 

Tips to Keep You Safe When Driving Around Commercial Trucks

Keep out of blind spots

There are more blind spots on a commercial truck, which is why you should steer clear from them. If you must pass a truck on the road, do your best to do so quickly and safely. If the truck starts to veer into your lane, give the driver a honk to let them know you are there. 

The worst place to be is the driver's passenger side as this blind spot is significantly larger than the driver's side, so be sure to pass on the driver's side. 

Give truck drivers plenty of space

As trucks weigh a lot, it will take them much more time to slow down if there is a sudden stop or hazard ahead. Be a defensive driver and ensure you constantly keep a good amount of space in between your car and the truck whenever possible. A good rule of thumb is to leave four seconds of distance between you and the truck. 

Exercise caution when driving in inclement weather

Rain, ice, wind, and fog are all dangerous for passenger vehicles to drive through, but can be even riskier for commercial trucks, tractor-trailers, and 18-wheelers. As such, these truck drivers must drive extremely slow or even stop if the weather is too dangerous to continue. These vehicles are much more difficult to maneuver and could easily roll over if the road is slippery with ice. You should be aware of these drivers when driving in inclement weather and give them plenty of space to avoid any collisions. 

Use caution when a truck is turning 

A truck needs more clearance to turn than a passenger car. As such, a truck driver has less visibility. You will need to give truck driver's more room when turning as sometimes they can take up more space and need to use some of your lane to complete a turn. It is best to clear out of the way or give the truck as much room as you can allow just as a precaution. 

Avoid distracted driving 

Distracted driving often happens on the highway during a long trip. As highways are usually filled with commercial trucks as well, it is best to avoid driving while distracted. Do not text and drive and keep your eyes on the road. If you get too tired to continue driving, exit and spend the night in a nearby hotel. 

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