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How Are Truck Accident Cases Different from Car Accident Cases?

All accidents are traumatic, especially those that involve injuries. However, truck accidents tend to be far more catastrophic, often resulting in injuries from which a survivor cannot fully recover. The brutal nature of truck accidents is a major aspect of what separates these types of cases from other motor vehicle accidents. Continue reading to learn more about their differences and what it might mean for your case.

Understanding the Difference

In most car accident cases, determining fault is generally more straightforward than what you may find in a truck accident case. In a truck accident case, numerous parties can potentially be held liable for your injuries, including the driver, the trucking company, or the manufacturer, to name a few. To ensure you maximize compensation and hold all responsible parties accountable, you will need an attorney who can effectively navigate negotiations with multiple parties. If you hire an attorney who only has experience representing car accident cases, it is likely some key elements may be overlooked, which will ultimately cost you.

Moreover, insurance companies that represent trucking companies are often incredibly aggressive and the attorneys who represent them are highly trained, making them formidable opponents. That is why it is essential to have a legal advocate on your side who frequently handles such cases and will level the playing field.

It is also exceptionally difficult to determine economic and non-economic damages in a truck accident case due to the severity of the injuries. It can take quite some time for a survivor to reach maximum medical improvement and to assess what kind of continued medical care may be necessary if a full recovery is impossible. Therefore, it is crucial that you do not accept an initial settlement offer from the insurance company. Chances are that the amount you receive will not be adequate enough to appropriately compensate you for your injuries.

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