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How to Avoid Fireworks Injuries This Summer

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With summer fast approaching, many individuals have started planning for the Fourth of July. While this celebration is typically associate with barbeques, fireworks, and parades, it is also notorious for illegal firework shows and injuries. Multiple trauma centers and burn units across California have seen a sharp increase in firework injuries this year alone. These injuries vary, with the most popular being a hand or finger amputation, an eye injury, or a ruptured eardrum. Today, we go over how to avoid firework injuries this summer.

Are Fireworks Legal in California?

While fireworks are legal in certain counties in California, they are still deemed dangerous. The state has some strict laws regarding fireworks for personal use, allowing the sale and purchase of safe and sane fireworks – or fireworks that do not fly or explode. Legal fireworks must be purchased only between June 28 and July 6 from an approved vendor, or a vendor who has the state fire marshal’s logo on the firework packaging.

How to Safely Use Fireworks

The safest way to use fireworks would be to refrain from using them altogether; however, there are safe firework options, such as sparklers. To ensure you and your loved ones are kept safe this Fourth of July consider the following safety tips:

  • Do not purchase, sell, or use illegal fireworks
  • Avoid attempting to make, sell, or use homemade fireworks
  • Be careful
  • Do not use fireworks while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Read the safety instructions on the firework before using
  • Have an adult supervise firework activities
  • Obey local laws
  • Attend a public firework display instead
  • Keep pets and small children away
  • Fill a water bucket up just in case
  • Wear safety glasses
  • Light fireworks away from homes, cars, and other personal property
  • Makes sure you dispose of used fireworks correctly – pour water over them and throw them away in a metal trash can (keep an eye out for any sparks)
  • Never try to relight a firework that does not light up the first time
  • If someone is being careless with fireworks, contact the police

Potential Firework Injuries

Fireworks can result in severe burns, amputations, fractures, scars, loss of vision, disfigurement, and death. Burns are the most common injury. Cuts and bruises to the head are the most common head injuries. The type of fireworks that cause the most injuries include firecrackers, sparklers, and bottle rockets. The most frequently injured body parts are the hands, head and neck, and eyes.

Additionally, firework-related fires are responsible for millions of dollars of property loss annually.

If you or a loved one was injured due to a friend or neighbor’s negligence with fireworks, contact our experienced personal injury attorneys online or via (916) 778-3228 for assistance.

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