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Who Is Responsible for My Construction Site Injury?

A myriad of safeguards and regulations are in place to ensure construction workers and sites are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, construction sites are inherently dangerous full of powerful machinery and unstable structures. If you were injured on a construction site, you have every right to take legal action.

The components of a construction site injury claim include:

  • liable parties;
  • equipment issues;
  • engineering issues; and/or
  • indemnity provisions in contracts.

A claim may also require knowledge on current OSHA safety standards. For this reason, an experienced construction accident attorney who understands these standards can be an important advocate for your case.

How to Determine Liability

The larger the construction project, the more difficult it may be to determine who is responsible for your injuries. Construction ventures are often organized by many sub-contractors, managers, equipment suppliers, and property owners. All these parties can potentially be responsible for an accident, especially if they perform negligently on the job.

Some of the parties that could be responsible for your injuries include:

  1. construction site owner(s): the owners of the land the construction site is on have a responsibility to ensure the site is free of hazards. If the owners of the site fail to uphold this responsibility, they could be liable for any accidents related to their oversight.
  2. contractors: contractors have an obligation to ensure they perform all tasks safely and correctly. This obligation can also include a responsibility to hire trained and competent employees who can perform their tasks correctly and efficiently. If contractors hire someone who lacks the appropriate training, they increase the likelihood of on-site accidents.
  3. equipment manufacturers: these manufacturers are legally obligated to create equipment that meets safety standards and operates correctly. If a defect in design or execution leads to injury, the manufacturing company could be liable.
  4. architects and engineers: if an architect or engineer fails to keep safety standards in mind while creating their structures, they could be held liable for any accidents that occur on the site as a result of design flaws.

An Experienced Construction Accident Attorney

At Eliot Reiner, APLC, you can count on representation from an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights. Our attorney will stop at nothing to seek full compensation for any damages resulting from your construction accident injury.

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