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Who Is Liable for My Light Rail Accident Injury?

As gas prices increase and traffic clogs the roads, many citizens are choosing public transportation to get around town. With this increase in passengers comes an increase in accidents involving public transportation. If you were injured on a public transit system, such as the light rail, we can help you hold the responsible party accountable.

A light rail operator has a legal obligation to apply reasonable effort to protect their passengers and passersby from harm. They generally do this by operating their train safely and ensuring all mechanics of the train are performing correctly. Additionally, the Sacramento public transportation agencies have a duty to maintain the light rail system as well as the trains. If any of these factors are neglected, serious and/or lethal accidents can occur, like:

  • light rail accidents;
  • train station slip and fall accidents;
  • train and vehicle accidents; and/or
  • pedestrian accidents.

How to File a Claim Against the Sacramento RT Light Rail

When an operator or government agency is negligent, and the negligence causes an accident and injuries, citizens have the right to make a claim for damages. However, unlike most personal injury claims, which are made against private citizens, these claims are against a public corporation. Legal action of this type can become complicated and requires the experience of a light rail accident attorney.

In California, an injured party typically has only 6 months to file a claim; after the 6-month mark, the statute of limitations goes into effect and the injured party runs the risk of losing any compensation they may have otherwise been entitled to. Additionally, the process for filing a claim against a government agency is more complicated than it is for filing against a civilian. If the proper procedures aren’t followed, or any deadlines are missed, the compensation may never be recovered.

Protecting the Rights of Transit Riders

Light rail passengers can be injured in a variety of different ways, including doors closing on them, sudden movements, and collision with other trains. Additionally, people outside the train can be injured in many different ways. At Eliot Reiner, APLC, our attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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