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Auto Accidents Caused by Defective Tires – Who is Responsible?

Oftentimes, car accidents occur due to human error, such as distracted driving, speeding, or drinking and driving. That said, there are a multitude of other factors that can contribute to a motor vehicle accident, such as defective tires. In this case, you would not hold the other driver involved liable for your injuries or damages. Instead, you could potentially hold the tire manufacturer liable. If you believe a defective tire caused your motor vehicle accident, resulting in injuries, you need to reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney as soon possible to ensure you are able to recover fair and just compensation.

When Can You Hold a Tire Manufacturer Liable?

When it comes to holding the manufacturer liable, the following situations must be proven in order for a lawsuit to be successful:

  • Defective manufacturing: The tire was created in a poor or deficient manner.
  • Defective design: The tire was manufactured correctly, but the design itself was faulty.
  • Improper warnings: The manufacturer did not advise buyers of potential risks and hazards related to the tire.
  • Failure to perform as advertised: The tire failed to perform under the conditions for which it was specifically designed.

For example, if the tire was assembled incorrectly and fell apart while you were on the road, the tire manufacturer could be held liable for the resulting accident. Even if the tire was assembled properly, its design could still render it dangerous, making it risky to drive.

When is the Tire Manufacturer Not Liable for Damages?

There are some cases in which a tire manufacturer is not liable for damages. You would likely be unable to hold the manufacturer liable if the tires were:

  • Installed incorrectly
  • Worn out
  • Misused or used in a manner that was not intended by the manufacturer
  • Damaged through an unforeseeable cause

Under these circumstances, other parties, such as the car dealership, could potentially be held responsible for the occurrence of the accident instead.

Personal Injury Attorney in Sacramento

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident that was caused by defective tires, you could potentially hold the tire manufacturer liable for the injuries you suffered. At Eliot Reiner APLC in Sacramento, our team of personal injury attorneys is backed by over 25 years of legal experience, a proven history of success, and is ready to provide the fierce legal advocacy you need and deserve during this difficult time. Reach out to us for the personalized attention that can make a difference in your case.

Get started on your personal injury case today and contact our law firm at (916) 778-3228 to request your free initial case evaluation.

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