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Don't Post About Your Injury on Social Media

While it may feel like second nature to share the details of your injury on social media, it is absolutely advised against to do so. This is so for a number of important reasons, the primary one being the lack of privacy of anything you post online. Even if you feel you trust your friends implicitly, you cannot be sure what you post will not be found by the opposition and thus used against you. No matter the context in which you post about your injury or accident, the responsible party’s legal team will be able to take your post and find an angle to make you look somewhat responsible for what has happened.

In fact, when it comes to anything regarding your accident or injury, our team advises you to stay off social media until your case is resolved. Even if you post about other aspects of your life, it may come off as though your injury is not as bad as you say. Another reason why you should not post about your injury on social media is the comments and feedback you may receive from friends and loved ones. Even if these responses are innocent in nature, you cannot control how they will be perceived.

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