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Common Reasons Why Car Accidents Are More Likely To Occur in the Summer

Although summertime means enjoying the outdoors and embarking on road trips, the season is also associated with a spike in car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), August and September are considered the peak months for auto collisions.

The following are the main reasons why car accidents occur more often during the summer months:

  • The summer heat can increase the risk of vehicle equipment malfunction – As the temperature increases, it can affect the components of a motor vehicle, especially the tires. When tires come worn out, extremely hot weather can cause the air of the tires to expand, which can increase the risk of tire blowouts—as well as collisions.
  • School is out – Now that teenagers in high school and young people in college are home for the summer, they will spend significantly more time driving during the week than during the school year. This means more inexperienced drivers are on the road for long stretches of time, increasing the risk of crashes. Young drivers are known to cause distracted driving accidents.
  • More construction on the roadway – In California and in many states, construction crews take advantage of the warmer weather to complete their projects prior to the arrival of winter. Roadway construction zones often result in shutdown traffic lanes, temporary signs or signals, detours, and other changes to the average driving conditions. This, in turn, can increase the risk of accidents because of more complicated driving conditions.

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