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4 Best Apps to Fight Distracted Driving

Although distracted driving has become a common cause of car accidents in the United States, Americans generally cannot stop texting while driving. Unfortunately, taking your eyes off the road—for even a few seconds—can be dangerous.

However, several app developers have created ways to help turn your phone into a tool for fighting against distracted driving, instead of causing it. With plenty of apps available in the app stores, you may be wondering which one is best for you.

The following are the four best apps to deter distracted driving:

  • AT&T DriveMode – Available for both iOS and Android users, this app blocks any phone calls and texts while the vehicle is in motion. DriveMode can automatically start when you are driving more than 15 MPH and silences text alters. You can still access music, navigation, and select contacts. Parents can also set it up to notify them when a teen driver disables the app.
  • LifeSaver – In addition to blocking the ability to use your cellphone while driving, this app also uses GPS monitoring and a rewards system to help drivers break the habit of texting while driving. While parents can use this app to keep track of their children, commercial fleet managers can also monitor their drivers’ behavior on the job.
  • TrueMotion Family – Free for both iOS and Android users, the app scores every driver in the family on how safely they drive and whether or not they use their cellphone while driving. This is especially helpful for parents of new teen drivers who are still getting used to being behind the wheel.
  • SafeDrive – This app makes a game out of staying off your phone. Rather than preventing you from looking at your cellphone, it awards you when you don’t. You can cash in your points at your local gas station and the list of retailers keeps expanding.

No matter what app you choose to download, having a safe driving app is a substantial step toward driving without succumbing to distraction.

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