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Air Bags & Seat Belts: What Saves Your Life Can Still Hurt You

We’ve all seen the commercials. Cars with crash-test dummies smashing into solid walls in slow motion, showing the air bags as they stop the crash-test dummy from smashing into the dashboard. Those videos are intended to show us how air bags and seat belts save lives – and they do! – but what they don’t show are the bruises and the lasting neck and back pain that the car accident victim still suffers.

Seat Belt Injuries

“Click it or ticket.” Wearing a seatbelt is law in California. Why? Because they prevent drivers and passengers from slamming into the dashboard or being ejected from the vehicle in the event of a crash. In order to prevent these more-severe injuries, however, the seat belt has to dig into a person’s lap, hip, chest, and / or collar bone upon impact.

Seat belt injuries can range from painful bruises to severe contusions, friction burns, lacerations, and broken bones. These injuries can have lasting effects on a person’s life, from scars and disfigurement to permanent disability.

Air Bag Injuries

Air bags have prevented countless deaths in car accidents. However, they aren’t “downy soft” when a driver or passenger’s face slams into them in a high-speed crash. Air bags may save your life, but they may also cause painful bruising, abrasions, friction burns, broken bones, head injuries, and neck injuries. In some cases, the chemicals that are released when the airbag deploys can even irritate a person’s skin or lungs, causing burns or breathing problems.

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