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Beware of Swimming Pool Accidents This Summer

September has officially arrived and many people are looking to get in a few more pool days before the summer season comes to an end. While going for a swim can be a great way to relax and cool off in the heat, the use of public pools also comes with a risk. The warmest months of the year are also when the greatest number of pool-related injuries occur. Issues such as overcrowding and the increased use of pool facilities can quickly lead to tragedy, even for those who have taken safety precautions.

Hazardous Pool Conditions Can Lead to Injury

Public pools may not be as safe and family friendly as many of us would like to think. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently conducted a study of more than 50,000 facilities which looked at the health and safety of public pools in several different states. The researchers found that nearly four out of five public pools were out of compliance with at least one health or safety regulation. More shocking is that one out of every eight inspections resulted in the closure of that facility.

Common injuries from pool accidents can stem from:

  1. Dirty water which restricts visibility or causes infection
  2. Missing safety equipment such as lifejackets
  3. Failure to indicate pool depth
  4. Damaged equipment such as pool ladders
  5. Faulty pool drain covers
  6. Overcrowding

While many dangers, such as the presence of dangerous bacteria, may be difficult if not impossible to see with the naked eye, there are steps swimmers can take to help stay safe. The CDC recommends that all concerned swimmers should (1) make use of testing strips to determine chlorine levels, (2) ensure that the depth of the pool is known, (3) check for the required safety equipment, and (4) choose pools attended by lifeguards.

Attorneys Holding Pool Operators Accountable

An accident at the pool can occur in many ways and whether a facility is located in a public area or a private establishment, pool operators have a duty of care to their patrons. When hazardous conditions are allowed to exist and an injury occurs, pool owners must be held accountable. If you or a loved one has suffered a pool-related injury through no fault of your own, Eliot Reiner, APLC can help you to recover every penny that you deserve. Our lead Sacramento personal injury attorney possesses more than two decades of legal experience and can help you recover damages for missed work, pain & suffering, and medical expenses.

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