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Defective Airbags: Failure to Deploy

Back in 2014, the public became aware of a serious airbag defect in many of General Motors’ (GM) automobiles. Evidence suggested that ignition switches could randomly malfunction and disable the power steering and the airbags. The results were allegedly 13 or more fatal car accidents that should have not resulted in passenger death if the airbags had not failed to deploy. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also found evidence to suggest that many GM vehicles were using a defective algorithm to detect passenger weight, would calculate them as weighing up to only 25% their actual weight, and therefore prevent an airbag deployment thinking that a child was in the seat.

Despite these reports being generated two years ago, the first of six official lawsuits against GM centered on their faulty ignition switches has only recently been resolved. Unfortunately for consumers and others in mass torts relying on the outcome of these cases, GM won the lawsuit after it was dismissed. Strange circumstances led to the dismissal, however, once it was discovered that the plaintiff severely exaggerated his damages.

What Can You Do After Your Airbag Fails to Deploy?

Although GM may be at the center of attention for lawsuits involving airbags that fail to deploy, they are certainly not the only ones in the automotive industry feeling the heat of potentially defective car parts. In recent news headlines, the Takata airbag scandal continued to expand as millions upon millions of cars were slated for recall due to the company’s dangerously-explosive airbags.

The truth is that an airbag defect is as unpredictable as it is danger, and even people driving cars unaffected by current recalls could experience an airbag failing to deploy during a car accident. If you have been injured and you suspect your airbag’s failure to deploy is directly to blame, you can seek compensation through a civil lawsuit. Come to Eliot Reiner, APLC for reliable legal counsel. With our help, we can determine if you should try to sue your car manufacturer or opt into a preexisting mass tort or class action lawsuit.

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