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It can wait: the most important message teen drivers can receive

In the last couple of months, the wireless carrier AT&T has changed its messaging on some of its commercials. Instead of seeing excited people who are receiving a great deal on their cellphone bill, their ads now feature parents who have an important message for their teen drivers: it can wait.

As you may know, the It Can Wait campaign that is being spearheaded by AT&T encourages all drivers, not just teenagers, to withhold using a cellphone while driving. Many people across the country are supporting AT&T's efforts to curb the number of distracted driving accidents that occur every year in the United States because of cellphone use while driving. And as of this posting, more than six million people have pledged to take the initiative and put their phones down while they drive.

The reason for the campaign is because distracted driving is still a major problem across the nation, even though many states have passed legislation that bans the use of cellphones while operating a motor vehicle. Here in California, legislation bans all drivers who are 18 years and older from texting and driving while operating a motor vehicle. Talking on a cellphone is also banned for this group of drivers unless a hands-free device is being used. All drivers under the age of 18 are banned from using any form of wireless device, even if it is hands free.

Even though cellphone use behind the wheel of a vehicle is frowned upon here in California and can lead to tickets and fines, some drivers still continue to take the risk and use their cellphones while driving. It's important to note though that this form of negligence is taken into consideration in personal injury lawsuits, which means an accident victim may be awarded compensation if someone else's cellphone use causes an accident.

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