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Fatal crash in Ventura County highlights dangers of speeding

Whether a fatal car accident happens here in Sacramento County or somewhere else in the state, the loss of life is always considered a tragedy. That's because our readers know that car accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, oftentimes leaving entire communities grieving the loss of life.

As a case to our south in Ventura County will show us, the loss of life in a car accident is almost entirely preventable if drivers are more aware of the fact that their actions can affect other people. Some of our Sacramento readers may have heard about the recent fatal two-vehicle crash that occurred just after midnight a few days ago near La Jolla Canyon. According to investigators with the California Highway Patrol, speed does appear to have been the cause of the head-on collision that killed three people.

This case is significant to our readers because speeding is considered a reckless behavior no matter what part of the state you're in. It also shows how one driver's negligent actions affected the lives of other people as well. When negligence leads to the wrongful death of loved ones, families may consider seeking compensation on behalf of loved ones. In a case such as this, that compensation may come from the deceased driver's insurance or potentially even his or her estate.

It's important to point out at this time that the family or families of the victims do not appear to have sought legal counsel nor does it appear as if any civil claims have been filed. It's worth stating though that this does not mean that it can't happen down the road nor does it mean that a victim's family could not do the same if a similar tragedy were to befall anyone here in Sacramento County.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, "Three Dead, Vehicle Split in Half in PCH Crash," Michael Larkin and Oleevia Woo, March 17, 2015

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