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Do we have anything to fear from powdered alcohol?

As some of our Sacramento readers know, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently approved powdered alcohol for sale in the U.S. which is causing quite a stir among many across the nation who are concerned that it could be abused just like liquid alcohol is. It's because of this and other concerns that we ask the question in our post title: do we have anything to fear from powdered alcohol?

As some have argued, powdered alcohol may present a real danger to people all over the nation. For starters, some fear that powdered alcohol could lead to more drunk-driving incidences for two reasons. The first is that the pouch the product is sold in can double as a glass when water is added to the mixture. Some believe that its transportability will allow drivers to use the product while behind the wheel. The other reason is that because it is a powder, it could be added to foods, making it easier to conceal during traffic stops.

Because of the concentration of alcohol in its powdered form and the fact that it could be abused by people before operating a vehicle, Palcohol could lead to another concern: an increase in car accidents nationwide. Alcohol-related car accidents are already a major problem from the West Coast to the East Coast. Some believe that powdered alcohol would only increase this statistic.

One more fear people have regarding Palcohol is that it could lead to more accidental alcohol poisonings, especially among underage individuals. One article in Forbes describes Palcohol's packaging as looking "eerily like a kids' juice pouch," raising concerns about accidental ingestion and even negligent marketing that gears an adult product toward an underage market.

Although some states have enacted legislation that would ban the sale of powered alcohol in their state, California currently does not have such legislation. This means, if and when sales start in our state, the concerns above could become a reality for our readers, giving all the more reason to talk to a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and how the law will apply in Palcohol-related personal injury cases.

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