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Wear a helmet when you bike, it could very well save your life

When you were young and just learning to ride a bike, did your parents ever insist on you wearing a helmet? Chances are pretty good they did and they had some very good reasons why they insisted on what you might have called an "uncool" accessory. That's because studies have shown for decades that helmets can greatly reduce the likelihood of suffering a serious or fatal head injury in the event of an accident.

Truth be told, not much has changed since you first learned how to ride a bike either. Scientists across the nation still believe that wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle can prevent serious injuries to the head, thereby reducing the chances of suffering a brain injury as well.

Wearing a helmet could save your life

Some people believe that if they are travelling at a slower speed then they don't need a helmet because they are less likely to suffer serious injuries. Though this may be the case in certain circumstances, this isn't the norm for all accidents. Even a low speed collision with an object can lead to a head injury. And depending on where the injury occurs, it could mean brain damage and potentially life-changing consequences for the rider.

Whatever your reasons for not wearing a helmet, whether it's because you think they're "uncool" or you keep putting off the purchase of one, know that wearing a helmet can reduce the injuries your head receives in an accident. It may even prevent a fatal brain injury, which would leave anyone's loved ones reeling with grief.

Here at Eliot Reiner Professional Law Corp. we've seen everything from minor head injuries to fatal brain injuries. We know that even the slightest damage to the brain can be life changing, which is why we're hoping today's readers heed our caution and reconsider their decision to ride a bicycle without wearing a helmet.

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