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Schools in Modesto to use helmet sensors to prevent concussions

If you're a long-time follower of our blog, then you know that the subject of brain injuries comes up from time to time. From conversations about the life-long effects a brain injury can have on a person to the importance of getting compensation from a negligent party, our readers can see that strikes to the head can happen at any time and may not be easy to prevent.

But as we explained in a January post on sports-related concussions, these types of brain injuries are not only preventable but there are steps schools and coaches can take to keep athletes safe. Just to our south, in Modesto, several high schools will be doing just that by using new football helmets equipped with sensors that let coaches know when a player may have suffered a concussion.

According to a recent post for CBS Sacramento, coaches wear a device that vibrates to indicate when a player may have suffered a concussion. Coaches can clearly see which player has been injured, making it easier to decide when to pull a player and prevent further injuries from occurring.

At present time, seven Modesto schools are scheduled to receive the helmets for the upcoming football season. But if a vote passes this month, helmets equipped with concussion sensors could be purchased for every high school in the city.

It's our hope, and likely the hope of many of our readers, that this trend will catch on here in Sacramento as well, making sports that much safer for young athletes for generations to come. Only time will tell if this happens though.

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