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Motor vehicle accidents can leave a person with PTSD

As some of our more frequent readers already know, Tracy Morgan and fellow comedian Jimmy Mack were both involved in a truck accident nearly a year ago when the limousine they were riding in collided with a truck driven by a Walmart employee. As you may remember from either our January post or our follow-up post earlier this month, Morgan was injured in the crash while Mack was killed. For both men, the accident led to litigation and eventually compensation.

Though this case may appear to have a resolution to some people, some of our readers may be aware of the fact that the negligence that caused this catastrophic accident likely left scars that will last a lifetime. For the Mack family, the loss of their loved one may have left the feeling of lasting grief and sorrow. For Morgan, the crash may have created emotional scars that may never fully heal.

As was pointed out by a Live Science article this month, catastrophic accidents, such as the one Morgan was involved in, can and do trigger post-traumatic stress disorder in victims. People who suffer from PTSD after a crash may experience anxiety or panic both in and around vehicles. A victim may also have nightmares about the crash that replay the accident over and over, forcing the victim to relive the events more than once. This can lead to depression, which can be accompanied by a myriad of other symptoms.

It's worth pointing out that suffering from PTSD after an accident is not unique to victims of motor vehicle crashes. As we explained in a December post last year, bicyclists and pedestrians are also susceptible to PTSD after an accident. That's because, just like car accident victims, pedestrians and bicyclists are also experiencing a traumatic event that can have a devastating impact on any individual.

Because PTSD can require ongoing treatments, it's an important condition to keep in mind, especially when asking for compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. That's because ongoing treatments for PTSD can be accounted for in the settlement amount. If a victim is not aware of this condition or does not keep it in mind during litigation, they may not receive the funds they need to fully recover from the emotional trauma they experienced.

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