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Rising temperatures should mean a rise in awareness of bikers too

Californians are fortunate enough to have good biking weather year round because of our state's climate. This doesn't mean everyone chooses to bike year round. For some people, old habits die hard and when the weather turns the corner toward spring, that's when a majority of people tend to hit the pavement for a good ride on their bicycles.

But as we have pointed out before on our blog and even in an article we wrote, an increase in the number of bicyclists in cities around our state also increases the risk of a serious or even fatal collision. This is due in part to the large number of bicyclists on our roadways but it's also due in part to drivers not paying full attention to their surroundings.

Even though drivers of motor vehicles should always be paying attention to the road and what's around them, this should be more so true when the weather is nice too. Because warmer weather means an increase in bicyclists we should also know that the risk of hitting a pedestrian also rises. If we keep this in mind and practice safe driving techniques, we all have a better chance of avoiding a serious or fatal accident down the road.

It's important for our Sacramento readers to remember that both drivers and bicyclists are responsible for their own actions when out on walkways and city streets. If these actions though lead to a serious collision and someone is injured, then you should also know that you may be held liable for compensation as well. In some cases, litigation may be necessary, which is why you should also know that you have the right to obtain the services of a lawyer in the event that a personal injury lawsuit is filed after an accident.

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