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The cost of losing a limb

For many people across California, the thought of amputating a limb is a scary one. This is especially true for people who are losing a limb because of irreparable damage suffered in a serious accident. For them, the trauma of the accident may still be fresh in their minds and difficult to deal with as is. Now add on the challenging decision to amputate one's own limb and the situation can quickly become overwhelming.

This is perhaps the cost that few people consider when they think about amputations. In some cases, the choice to amputate may not be one the patient makes. In others, it becomes a difficult decision that forces a person to lose a part of themselves in the hopes of regaining relative function later on. Regardless of who has to make the decision though, amputations can be incredibly devastating and may even lead to lasting emotional trauma in some cases.

As you can probably imagine, amputations are also a huge financial burden for many people. Not only are there the costs for surgery and medical treatments but there is the added cost of prosthetics as well. Finances can become even more strained if a person is forced out of work by their amputation.

It's because of both the costs you can see, such as medical bills, and the costs you can't see, such as the emotional trauma an accident can cause, that leads many people to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Because of the possibility of receiving a low-ball settlement, accident victims may also seek legal representation, such as can be found here at Eliot Reiner, A Professional Law Corporation. With a skilled lawyer at your side, you are more likely to understand all of your rights after an accident and are more likely to receive the compensation you deserve in the end.

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