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Is a brain injury more harmful for a child than an adult?

As some of our more frequent readers have noticed, we like to address issues on this blog that we feel our readers will be most interested in seeing. As you may have also noticed, we also like to address questions that are also on the minds of our readers, including the one we pose in today's blog post.

In keeping with this tradition, today's blog post will cover an important question: is a brain injury more harmful for a child than an adult? The reason for bringing up this question has a two-fold purpose. The first is to raise awareness among our California readers about the seriousness of a brain injury. The second is to get our readers thinking about the long-term effects of a brain injury so as to get a better idea of the compensation they may need after a serious crash.

Although a brain injury at any age can be incredibly harmful and can have lasting effects, many scientists and doctors agree that head traumas at a younger age can have longer-lasting effects because the child's brain is still developing.

Consider for a moment where most head injuries occur with children: the front of the head. As you may not know, much of a person's ability to organize, plan and reason comes from the frontal regions of the brain, which are also the regions of the brain to develop fastest during early life. Damage to any of the frontal regions can seriously inhibit neurological growth, which can cause deficits that will likely affect the child's ability to learn as they grow.

Though many success stories have shown how the brain can overcome an injury and return to relatively normal function, it's worth pointing out that this outcome can take years and years to achieve, oftentimes after months of rehabilitation and therapy. Sometimes, a person never fully recovers.

The costs associated with continued treatment and long-term care should always be a topic concern for parents whose child has suffered a TBI because these costs may be persistent for a number of years.

Unfortunately, for most people, it may be difficult to consider finances that far down the road, meaning it may be difficult to recognize the difference between fair and unfair compensation. With the help of a skilled attorney though this can typically be avoided, oftentimes resulting in the compensation the child deserves.

Source: TIME, "Study: Brain Injuries in Childhood Have Lasting Effects on Learning," Alice Park, Jan. 23, 2012

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