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Intersections can be dangerous places

Traffic accidents can happen anywhere out on the roads. However, there are some places that are more likely to be the location of a motor vehicle accident than others. Intersections are one such type of place.

There are all manner of different traffic accidents that can occur at intersections here in California, such as: rear-end accidents, t-bone accidents, car verses pedestrian accidents and car versus bicycle accidents. Such accidents can leave victims with injuries that have life-altering effects.

It sometimes isn't easy to figure out how exactly a given intersection collision occurred. Thus, when a person has been the victim of an intersection accident, they may want to have an experienced personal injury attorney conduct an investigation of the accident's cause.

If an intersection collision was caused by negligent conduct by a driver, victims of the accident may be able to pursue legal claims against the driver who engaged in the negligence.

One thing that drivers sometimes act negligently in relation to when it comes to intersections are traffic control devices, such as stop signs and stop lights. When properly followed, such devices can make an intersection a much safer place. Sometimes, however, a driver will ignore a traffic control device at an intersection due to impatience, impairment or inattentiveness and enter the intersection when they aren't supposed to. This can result in accidents. Thus, obeying all traffic control devices at intersections is remarkably important for drivers.

See our intersection accidents page for information on the types of services our firm can provide to victims of intersection accidents.

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