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Attention aggressive Sacramento drivers

Lives Are A Stake!

On behalf of Eliot Reiner of Eliot Reiner, A Professional Law Corporation posted in Car Accidents on Wednesday, December 31, 2014.

Every driver can likely relate to being in a hurry at one time or another. Consequently, a driver may speed or engage in other driving behaviors that may be considered dangerous or discourteous to others with whom he or she shares the road. It should be noted, however, that engaging in driving actions and behaviors that may be considered aggressive in nature can have unintended and potentially dire consequences.

Sacramento area drivers have likely encountered their fair share of rude drivers. Examples of aggressive driving go beyond horn-honking and obscene gestures. For example, following too closely to a leading vehicle or failing to signal when switching lanes are driving behaviors that may not only be perceived as aggressive and annoying by other drivers, but could also cause a traffic accident.

Operating a motor vehicle that weighs several tons is a big responsibility and one that some drivers take for granted. Using a vehicle as a means to annoy or pursue another driver by blocking a passing lane or cutting a driver off is dangerous and takes a driver's attention and focus off of the important task at hand - namely getting from point A to B safely.

Individuals who admit to engaging in aggressive driving behaviors would be wise to consider one or more of the following recommendations.

  • Adjust your schedule - Drivers who are perpetually late may unintentionally engage in aggressive driving practices as a way to make up time. Setting a home clock 15 minutes early may help an otherwise late-comer drive safely and arrive on time.
  • Find your happy place - No one enjoys sitting in traffic and frustration can quickly mount the more one thinks about how much he or she hates sitting in traffic. Instead of yelling at and attempting to cut off other drivers, an individual may choose to approach time spent waiting in traffic as an opportunity to mentally prepare for one's day, meditate and center oneself.
  • Pull off the road - In cases where a driver realizes that he or she is angry or upset, it's wise to pull over at a designated stop and take some deep breathes.

Source: Department of Motor Vehicles, "Behaviors of Aggressive Driving," 2014

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