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  • Thank You Eliot for Your Solid and Continual Support
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    It almost does not seem real, but I see it is!

    Thank you Eliot for your solid, continual support and for taking this on for us in such a personal way.

    I also need to tell you how wonderful the email you sent to me was after you found out I was dealing with cancer.

    You said to "take care of myself and you would take care of my daughter." That sentence was amazing to read and it was exactly what I needed to hear. It really took a load off of me because I believed you.

    We will be your biggest fans with referrals and reviews :)

    Thank you again!


  • Eliot cares about you as a entire person, not about the money.
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    Miss Jean Graham

  • 5 Stars
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    “Let's face it, no one wants to be in a position of needing an injury lawyer, but in the unfortunate event you do. This is the law firm you want to represent you. Eliot and his legal secretary Courtney are AMAZING. I was represented better than I could have ever imagined. My needs were always put first, communication from start to finish was a major highlight in my case. I was treated as a friend/ family member honestly, rather than just a number by the both of them. My opinions were valued and my doubts or concerns were always reassured. My nerves were calmed, mainly because he was focused on my healing process, a few jokes (when appropriate) as well as my case, he genuinely cares about you as a person, and that meant so much to me. Let me tell you, my attorney Eliot Reiner fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome. I'm not sure if details can be added so I won't put too much, just know I couldn't have asked for a better law firm or attorney to represent me. Thanks a million!!!”


  • 5 STARS !!!!!!
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    “This review is being left on behalf of my mother ( not a computer person. ) My mother Karen was struck by an uninsured driver wile pushing a grocery cart through a parking lot. Dealing with Hospitals, Rehab, and Covid was as much as she could handle. Eliot was exactly what she needed to be guided through this difficult process. His office was responsive , and we could not be any happier with Eliot and the result. Thank you Eliot .”

    K.G. & M.G.

  • "It's what I'm supposed to do."
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    “Eliot Reiner is a mensch. He has been front and center in his participation to help feed some local school families that are really struggling during the COVID-19 crisis. He's dedicated time, money, food and resources on an on-going basis. My wife and I coordinate food purchase & delivery for several families in the area and Mr. Reiner is always the first person to ask how he can help. His generosity knows no bounds nor does he want credit for his good deeds. He simply states, "It's what I'm supposed to do." If each of us lived that creed the world would definitely be a better place. One of the good things to come out of this terrible crisis is the friendship we've made with Eliot Reiner. Needless to say, if we ever need legal counsel, Eliot Reiner would be the first person we'd call.”

    Tim Comstock

  • Top Notch Team
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    “I was very fortunate to have Eliot Reiner and his Team represent my case. After being in a car accident with injuries it can be a bit overwhelming. They made sure to always, listen and explain the process so you are taken care of to the best of there abilities. I will always make sure to refer them to any friend or family members being I know they will be in good hands. Thank You for all you do for your clients. You do not have a easy job. You all are appreciated more then words can explain.”


  • It was a gift to have Eliot guiding me along this journey.
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    “Eliot Reiner and the team are simply amazing! I am extremely grateful for the sincere and professional guidance that I received throughout my entire personal injury case. Eliot is a top-notch Lawyer and his attention to detail, along with my well-being, was extremely appreciated by me and my loved ones. If you are in need of someone to represent you, I highly recommend Eliot Reiner. I guarantee you that Eliot will be by your side from start to finish. Eliot has a great understanding of one's needs and will help to support you with the very best care and guidance possible throughout your case. I am truly grateful for the outcome in my case and I’m sure you will be as well. It was a gift to have Eliot guiding me along this journey.”


  • You won’t be disappointed!
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    I am writing a review of the service I recently received from Eliot Reiner ‘s law firm. My brother and I were involved in a four-car accident by a noninsured driver who was driving on a suspended license. My injuries were light compared to my brother’s. The delinquent driver totaled both our cars plus another one and the uninsured company F450 truck he was driving. The police didn’t even arrest him. We felt there was no way we would be able to get any money from him or the company he worked for. We decided to employ Eliot Reiner on the recommendation of a friend.

    I found him to be very concerned and very detailed about our accident. He kept us informed of his efforts and did a great job of getting us a good amount of money to cover our losses and injuries. I felt he truly cared about both me and my brother and wanted what was best for us. I was very grateful for his hard work to get us some money to reimburse us for our losses and medical expenses. He was always very pleasant and willing to explain things I didn’t understand.

    I am happy to highly recommend Eliot Reiner to anyone who is looking for a great lawyer who really cares about you personally and wants to really work for you to get what you deserve. His staff was very professional and helpful. You won’t be disappointed!


  • I couldn’t be happier!
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    When I had a severe auto accident, we obtained a referral from our recently retired Lawyer. That referral was Eliot Reiner. This man took the time to come to our home and meet with us face to face when I wasn’t able to go to him due to my injuries. He did not rush through the initial meet with us. He did a very thorough job identifying all my injuries and the facts of my case. By the end of that initial meeting, I knew we had the right attorney representing us. Once he did accept our case, he kept us in the loop on every development of the case throughout the entire length of it. In the end, he exceeded what I had expected to see in a settlement. We also have a great friend in him as well. I couldn’t be happier!



  • I will refer you to anyone who I know might need a very good lawyer!
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    “I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your service and work on behalf of me and Andy. It was truly a wonderful surprise to receive the money you worked so hard to get us. I was not expecting anything so that was a great bonus! I truly felt you cared about us personally and did your best to work for us. You did a great job! Thank you so much! Thanks also to your great staff! I will refer you to anyone who I know might need a very good lawyer!”


  • He is an Attorney I would recommend to anyone.
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    “Eliot was professional and very patient. He explained all the processes and meetings that were going to take place and the time frames involved. He never gave up on my case when arguments did not support my injury. He argued my case to a point of facts and that the accident could only be the reason for my injuries. Even though the insurance company did not agree they could not show or maintain any argument to support their position. Outcome was in my favor and Eliot did a great job in mediation. He is an Attorney I would recommend to anyone.”


  • Our lives are better for knowing Eliot Reiner
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    “Eliot Reiner took on my case and quickly became a lifeline for me and my children. He cares about the people he represents. My injury and the difficulties my family and I were facing became his immediate focus. Not only did he keep me educated in my rights and everything he was doing for us, but our well being was important to him also. He fought for me and my children, and made us feel safer for it. When it came time to settle our bottom line became more important than his. Our lives are better for knowing Eliot Reiner and I would call on him again in a heartbeat if the need ever arose again.”


  • Eliot has become a lifelong friend.
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    “My family had Eliot represent us after a terrible auto accident that kept my wife in Intensive care and the hospital for several days. Eliot provided a strength to us during one of our most horrific times in life. His warm demeanor and sincerity was very stabilizing to us. He truly represented us. I have recommended Eliot to a number of other friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so. Eliot was not "just our lawyer" - Since that time, Eliot has become a lifelong friend.”


  • Eliot Reiner is an honest and hard-working lawyer
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    “Eliot Reiner is an honest and hard-working lawyer. My husband and I were involved in a rear-end collision due to an individual running a red light. We were both injured. Eliot worked hard to ensure we had great medical care and worked hard for each of our individual lawsuits. I would recommend him whole-heartedly and if we ever needed a lawyer again (hopefully not) I would not use anyone but Eliot Reiner!”


  • He is a wonderful attorney and human being
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    “When Eliot first took on my case, I didn't know what to expect since this was my first time going through anything like this. What I found was an attorney who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything was done on my behalf. But much more than that, I found someone who genuinely cared about my health and my well-being. He is a wonderful attorney and human being who to this day still checks in to see how I am doing. I would recommend him to anyone involved in a personal injury”


  • He is a great lawyer and an even better person
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    “Eliot handled my case with extreme professionalism and I always felt like I was his only case, even though he was extremely busy. He is a great lawyer and an even better person who was willing to fight for what was right. Regardless of the rest of the world, he took the time to make sure that I was taken care of and I will forever be grateful for the help, advice and friendship.”


  • I'd definitely recommend Eliot to anyone
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    “My friends and I were in a really bad car accident in 2011, and I was the only one without medical insurance. Eliot was very helpful with making sure I received the medical attention that I needed and arranged for a lien to be placed until it was all over. Eliot and his staff always kept me up-to-date on the status of the case and were always just a phone call or email away if I had any questions or concerns. I'd definitely recommend Eliot to anyone who needs legal assistance and wants someone who can really stand up and fight for them. I'm very thankful that he was recommended to me. Thanks again!”


  • Eliot really does care about his clients and will go above and beyond the normal call of duty to advise his clients
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    “In the summer of 2011, a stroke of bad luck occurred and I was involved in an automobile vs. bicycle accident. Unfortunately, I was the one on the bicycle so I enlisted the professional services of Eliot Reiner to help me through the legal process that would transpire over the next two years. Eliot and his staff did an amazing job representing me and my family's interests throughout the entire process. Here are a few things that I would like to share with you that set Eliot apart from the rest: First, Eliot has over 24 years of experience representing his clients in personal injury cases. He can leverage his experiences from previous cases and can tap into his vast network of local professionals to create the best legal strategies for his clients. Second, he takes the time to really listen to your story and understand your personal circumstances and needs. His attention to detail is truly amazing and his professional integrity to do the right thing at all times is uncompromising. Lastly, Eliot really does care about his clients and will go above and beyond the normal call of duty to advise his clients on all facets of life... not just legal matters. This extra coaching proved extremely invaluable to me as I navigated through uncharted waters during my personal recovery.”


  • It was a pleasure having Mr. Reiner and his staff represent me
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    “I've had the good fortune in having Eliot Reiner represent me. From my first meeting, I felt relaxed and in very capable hands. Mr. Reiner was able to take all the stress off me. I put my complete trust in him and he helped me navigate through the process. He took a personal interest in my case and well-being, achieved the best possible outcome for me and exceeded my expectations. Mr. Reiner is a very personable and outstanding attorney with a great sense of humor. He and his staff are courteous and professional, and promptly answered all my questions, whether big or small. It was a pleasure having Mr. Reiner and his staff represent me and I highly recommend his law practice to others.”


  • His staff worked around the clock making sure I was recovering, and to me that is outstanding.
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    “I would like to first say Elliot is awesome. He is (was) very caring and was interested in my recovery from the injuries resulting from my accident. His staff worked around the clock making sure I was recovering, and to me that is outstanding. GREAT LAW FIRM Thanks for caring!”


  • There is no way I could have won the case without Eliot Reiner's help
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    “I was involved in a very complex auto accident with personal injury. Mr. Eliot Reiner went above and beyond the call to help me out. There is no way I could have won the case without Eliot Reiner's help. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has been involved in an auto accident and has suffered an injury.”


  • Mr Reiner was professional, confident, experienced, and delivered more than he promised
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    “I would tell anyone who was in need of legal representation to call Eliot Reiner. From the first time I met him to the time my case was settled, Mr Reiner was professional, confident, experienced, and delivered more than he promised for the work he does for his clients. Mr. Reiner's work was genius to be able to resolve my auto accident case where the end result was 5 times more than what was expected, settling at 1.3 million dollars. I am very pleased with the efforts of Mr. Reiner and his team. His expertise, kindness, and constant concern for my well being along with his determination resulted me the best outcome, and proved Mr. Reiner by far the best choice for representation.”


  • Mr. Reiner's level of professionalism and attention to detail is remarkable
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    “Good relationship between attorney and client is crucial. Mr. Reiner's level of professionalism and attention to detail is remarkable. He is very personable and values giving excellent quality service.”


  • What I loved best about Eliot, he is always very helpful, and understanding
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    “Three times, I've used Eliot Reiner as my attorney. I wouldn't have done it any other way. I knew from day one that he was going to do everything he could to get me the most that he could. I've known him for 11 years now since my first accident, and Eliot has gone above and beyond what any other lawyer would've done for me. He is honest, kind, and very trustworthy, and not to mention funny. Even when the road was hard, and everything seemed hopeless, he never gave up on me, and getting for me, what was deserved. And what I loved best about Eliot, he is always very helpful, and understanding, and he would explain to me, something I didn't understand, over and over if necessary until I got the meaning of what he was trying to explain to me. The best thing I've ever done for myself was to go with my gut instinct and hire Eliot as my attorney, because he is truly one of a kind.”

    T. E.

  • I was very fortune to have Eliot beside me fighting this battle until we ultimately came out victorious
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    “I received a settlement that I and my family are very satisfied with and will help us secure our future and work with my CRPS that I will endure with for the rest of my life. I was very fortune to have Eliot beside me fighting this battle until we ultimately came out victorious.”


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